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It was so nice to enter a place of familiarity, crossing the southern border into my home State of Oregon. We are looking forward to returning to California in the Sierra in September, but for 492 miles we have traveled north, to Cascade Locks, and called the Oregon PCT home.

The adventure continued in Southern Oregon although the degree of newness has declined possibly because we are so familiar with our home State. The highlights were easily Crater Lake, spending a little time with family that we had not seen for months, a sunset in a lava field during our longest day of hiking, Timberline Lodge, and reaching Cascade Locks. Our miles have increased and held steady in the 20's and the accumulative mileage is tiring our bones and minds. Overall we are both healthy and loving the experience. Thrilled to be alive and on this journey.

The first night in Oregon was a warm evening with a beautiful sunset partially due to a wild fire burning towards the coast. Ashland met us with Oregon hospitality from a 4th generation Oregonian, picking us up and taking us to a hostel before we could even stick our thumbs out for a hitch

There are too many moments to describe in Oregon to do it justice so the photos will have to speak for themselves. The trail continues to be an adventure. Exciting things to see, people to meet and challenges that are presented every day.

So many have been gracious to extend a helping hand, a ride, dinner, a place to shower or sleep, and we thank you all for your generosity, hospitality, and kindness. It is part of what has made the trail special.

Jack and I will continue through Washington to Canada, turn around, go back to Lone Pine, CA to finish the 550 miles we skipped in the Sierra this past June due to snow, ice and swift rivers to ford.

Southern Oregon, family visiting, and resuppling.

Crater Lake is nothing but spectacular! We hiked up to Watchman's Tower to see the sunrise.

Mt Thielsen, a shield volcano north of Crater Lake.

Bumping into "Island Time" going Southbound after flipping, trail magic in the middle of nowhere, and beautiful clear lakes with solitude.

Central Oregon and crossing another flipper, AJ, who we met in So Cal months ago.

Sunset over a lava field which was a huge reward after a long day of hiking.

Trail Angel (friend) Tom giving us a ride to his home and breaking bread with his family in Sisters.

Catching up with friends and family at Timberline lodge. Oregon has a gem on Mt Hood.

Reaching another milestone of Cascade Locks, the end of Oregon and a new beginning of Washington!

PCT Trail Says in Cascade Locks with trail buddies, family, and friends.

Here we come Washington!


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