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After walking across The Bridge of the Gods in the early evening and entering the State of Washington, we found a place to camp about halfway up the steep ascent. Much of Southern Washington looked familiar, although we began to experience significant inclines and declines. The air was thick with smoke from three forest fires to the north, then the weather turned and it felt like fall. Five or six rainy days with heavy clouds kept our belongings damp and our feet continuously wet and cold. The good news was the Fall like weather suppressed the fires that we would have to deal with in a few weeks.

Hitching a ride to Trout Lake and having a meal with Slim Jim before we got back on the trail.

Hiking with Gabe from Montreal, Slappy Cakes from Seattle, and Slim Jim from Michigan.

The Goat Rocks Wilderness area was by far the highlight of the first half of Washington. It had been cloudy, cold and drizzly, then all of a sudden the sky turned blue and we were able to see!


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